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The Solidarity Store is a project of the Zagreb City Red Cross Society, which aims to provide assistance to basic and hygienic supplies to socially disadvantaged fellow citizens.

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Address: Zagreb, Siget 18a

Phone: 01/5801-562

               01/3778 236


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tel: 01/3778-236 ili 01/5801-562

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Opening hours of the Solidarity Store are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

You can contact us by phone Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. 

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What is Solidarity Store?

The Zagreb Red Cross City Social Shop opened its doors in 2015 with the aim of alleviating the consequences of poverty and social exclusion in the City of Zagreb by providing food and hygiene assistance to people in need. Particularly affected groups are persons with disabilities, people with mental disabilities, homeless people, the unemployed, pensioners and members of the Roma national minority, through social exclusion and poverty. To be excluded is not only to be without employment or income, but also to have limited or broken social ties, or to lose one’s place in society. People can be excluded from different areas of social life: education, employment, housing, respect, decision-making and more. Exclusion from one area is often the consequence of exclusion from other areas. Circumstances in which people find themselves are influenced by a range of different economic, social and cultural factors that interact and reinforce each other. The European approach to social exclusion is based on the understanding that poverty and social exclusion are not primarily the result of individuals’ human weakness, but are the result of structural problems in society.

Currently, the Social Store records more than 3,000 families, which together with other members of their households make up the figure of over 3,000 people from the City of Zagreb. We provide assistance to socially disadvantaged singles and families so that they can at least partially be part of the social inclusion process, or enjoy a standard of living that is considered satisfactory in the society in which they live.

Who can claim the right to help?

The City of Zagreb Red Cross City Social Store covers Zagreb residents who have their registered place of residence in the following neighborhoods:

– Maksimir,

– Peščenica – Žitnjak,

– Novi Zagreb – East,

– Novi Zagreb – West,

– Upper Dubrava,

– Lower Dubrava

– Podsljeme,

– Sesvete and

– Brezovica.


Beneficiaries of assistance in the Social Store can be:

– persons in the social welfare system, ie singles or households, who do not have sufficient means to meet basic living needs and have been duly recognized by the competent Center for Social Welfare as entitled to a guaranteed minimum benefit, and

– persons outside the social welfare system, ie persons whose monthly income threshold is up to HRK 1,700.00 per family member, or up to HRK 2,000.00 if it is a single person.

The aforementioned persons must not at the same time be the beneficiaries of family packages for Croatian veterans of the Homeland War or of the national cuisine of the City of Zagreb.

How to exercise the right to help?

The process of exercising the right to the Social Store service is initiated by submitting an application for entry in the records of users of the Social Store. In addition to the application for entry in the register of users of the Social Store, the applicant who is in the social welfare system is obliged to submit:

1. a copy of a valid identity card,

2. a copy of the decision of the Social Welfare Center on the recognition of the right to a guaranteed minimum benefit,

3. the last cut of the guaranteed minimum fee received.

A person outside the social welfare system shall, with the application for entry in the register of users of the Social Store, submit the following:

1. a copy of a valid identity card,

2. a copy of a valid identity card for all adult household members,

3. a copy of the birth certificate for all minor household members i

4. Certificate from the competent Tax Administration on the amount of income and income for the previous year for all adult household members.


Singles and families can submit their request at Siget 18a, Zagreb, every working day from 9am to 3pm.


IMPORTANT: The distribution of food and hygiene packages is done exclusively on the premises of the Social Store of the Zagreb City Red Cross Society. The frequency of package distribution depends on the amount of donations received.

Want to donate food and hygiene supplies?

We are registered as a humanitarian organization for the ongoing collection and provision of humanitarian assistance. Throughout the year, we carry out numerous humanitarian activities and actions to raise awareness among the general public of the need to help vulnerable citizens and raise the necessary donations.

We are entered in the Register of Food Donors in accordance with the Rulebook on Conditions, Criteria and Methods for Donating Foods, which enables us to collect food from producers and retail chains that are before the expiry date.

We cooperate with numerous companies responsible for corporate social responsibility and solidarity with citizens.

Our customers need the most durable food items (flour, sugar, pasta, rice, oil, canned food), but also hygiene products (personal hygiene and cleaning products).


There are 900 children in our records, 150 of which are under 3 years old and need diapers, baby food and baby hygiene.


Given the large number of beneficiaries, each donation is welcome!


You can bring your donations to our Siget 18a address Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm.

For any additional inquiries, please contact us with full confidence at:

Tel:    +385 1 3778 236

Fax:   +385 1 3770 681;