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Ante Mlinarić
Senior Specialist in Crisis Management and Volunteering Development

Vladimira Čivrag
Email: vladimira.civrag@ckzg.hr
Email: volonterstvo@ckzg.hr
Address: Ilica 223, HR 10000 Zagreb


Volunteering is a voluntary investment of personal time, effort, knowledge and skills to perform services or activities for the benefit of another person or for the common benefit, and is performed by volunteers without the conditions of payment of monetary reward or claiming other material benefits for the volunteering performed (Law on Volunteering NN 58/07 and 22/13).

Types of volunteering

Long-term volunteering is one that the volunteer performs on a regular and continuous basis, on a weekly basis for a period of at least three months without interruption.

Short-term volunteering is one that a volunteer performs once or occasionally for a limited time

Crisis Volunteering is the volunteering that a volunteer performs in emergencies and social emergencies

Volunteering is the very core of community building. Volunteering promotes trust and reciprocity. People are encouraged to be responsible citizens and to be provided with an environment where they can learn about the duties of democratic inclusion in community life