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Social care is one of the core activities of GDCK Zagreb. Learn more about us.

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Nataša Barić
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Help in the house


City Red Cross Society Zagreb provides home help services to beneficiaries of social welfare who have been determined by the decision of the Social Welfare Center and to citizens who pay for the services themselves on the basis of contracts concluded with the Zagreb Red Cross City Society.
Home help may include:
– arranging meals (procurement and delivery of ready meals at home)
– housekeeping (supply of foodstuffs, assistance in preparing meals, washing dishes, cleaning the house, bringing water, firewood and the like, organizing laundry and ironing, purchasing medicines and other supplies, etc.)
– maintaining personal hygiene (assistance in dressing and undressing, bathing and other hygiene needs)

Half-day stay and psychosocial support


– psychological empowerment for personal choices, advocacy and self-advocacy while encouraging and respecting each individual’s abilities and capabilities
– providing as wide and diverse a range of immediate experience as possible in different areas of life
– getting to know the community resources, getting involved in the community, and using the community resources
– developing work habits, taking care of yourself and your own health
– developing communication skills for people with intellectual disabilities and developing communication skills for people with intellectual disabilities
– informing the public and breaking stereotypes and stigmatizing people with disabilities

Third Age Security Project: How to Avoid Property Risks


The City Red Cross Society of Zagreb implemented the Project “Third Age Security: How to Avoid Risks in Asset Management” during 2015 and 2016. Zagreb, the Pensioners’ Union of Croatia and the Association of Radio Networks. The project was applied for under the Call for Proposals aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion and is funded by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.

Project "It's important to know 65+"

Zagreb City Red Cross Society with project partners, Croatian Law Center, Center for Social Welfare Zagreb, Croatian Pensioners’ Union and Radio Network Association participated in the implementation of the project “It is important to know with 65+” from November 2016 to October 2017 .

The project was implemented in the area of protection of the elderly from poverty and social exclusion, and specifically from abuse through life / life support contracts and other forms of property disposal.

    Project "Improving the quality of life of the elderly through organized daily activities in the local community"


    Since June 2014, the Zagreb Red Cross City Society in the Zagreb Red Cross space at Siget 18 a has been implementing the Project “Improving the Quality of Life of Older Persons through Organized Daily Activities in the Local Community”.

    In the area of ​​Novi Zagreb, an area of ​​about 79,000 km2 is inhabited by 114,000 inhabitants and it is estimated that there are about 19,000 elderly people. In the area of ​​the Novi Zagreb – East neighborhood, there is the “Sveta Ana” Home for the Elderly and Disabled, which in addition to its facilities, through the Project of the Gerontological Center of the City of Zagreb, offers non-institutional services to the elderly. the elderly. Given that a home in such a large area where a large number of elderly people cannot meet their needs, the City Red Cross Society of Zagreb provides senior citizens in the New Zagreb – West area with the opportunity to participate actively in various organized daily activities near the residence. they are accessible to them, in which they can participate continuously and thus directly influence the improvement of quality of life, regardless of their high age.