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The great tragedies that have been occurring frequently around the world in recent years have highlighted the need to develop and improve crisis preparedness and response services.

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The great tragedies that have been occurring frequently around the world in recent years have highlighted the need to develop and improve crisis preparedness and response services.

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The main role of the Croatian Red Cross is to alleviate human suffering, especially those caused by armed conflicts, major natural, environmental, technological and other disasters, with the consequences of mass casualties and epidemics. The great tragedies that have been occurring frequently around the world in recent years have highlighted the need to develop and refine disaster preparedness and response services. The Croatian Red Cross therefore places special emphasis on activities related to crisis preparedness and response and assistance to affected communities in recovery.

Pursuant to the Law on Civil Protection, which regulates the system and operation of civil protection, the Croatian Red Cross as a national society in the Republic of Croatia has an important role in the civil protection system as one of the basic operational forces. The Croatian Red Cross’s operational forces are staff and volunteers of Red Cross companies organized into crisis headquarters, emergency teams and support teams at the local, county and national levels. The Croatian Red Cross participates in crisis-related activities during all phases of the crisis – from preparation through crisis response and assistance in recovery after the crisis is over.

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Preparing for crises

Crisis Preparation The Croatian Red Cross implements activities that contribute to the preparedness of the Operations Forces and citizens to respond to a crisis, with the aim of mitigating the effects of the crisis on the health, life and social security of the community.

Preparation includes:

training and training of the Operational Forces
equipping Operations Forces
population education

Crisis management

The operation of the Croatian Red Cross in crisis situations is intended to meet the basic needs of the population affected or affected by the crisis, and includes the preparedness, activation and response of the Operational Forces, and the coordination of activities in accordance with the Operational Plans and SOPs.

The most important activities of the Croatian Red Cross in a crisis are:

assessment of the situation and needs in the field,
support for the evacuation of the population affected by the crisis,
organization of accommodation facilities in safe locations and catering for the affected population and members of the operational forces
the collection, storage and distribution of humanitarian aid
support to health institutions in carrying out life and health protection activities
providing psychosocial support to the population affected by the crisis and members of the operational forces, caring for vulnerable groups
activities of the Searching Service, that is, connecting separated family members
water purification and drinking water supply,
support in improving sanitation and promoting hygiene
organization of extraordinary blood donation actions
support to the Civil Protection operational forces in the rescue from the water.
participation in informing the local population about the crisis situation and activities undertaken

Recovery from the crisis

By ending the immediate danger to human lives, normalizing and repairing a crisis situation, and creating the conditions for performing regular activities, the crisis response phase ends and the recovery phase begins. Recovery refers to activities and programs aimed at faster normalization of life and education and training of the population for possible future crises. During the recovery phase, a detailed and continuous assessment of needs and capacities is carried out, a work plan is defined, and a coordinator for recovery activities is appointed as needed.

Training of the crisis response team

The Croatian Red Cross places great emphasis on the activities and activities associated with the preparation and response to disasters or major disasters. As we witness many natural disasters and disasters, but not only natural ones but also those caused by human action, it is important to have good preparation to respond in a timely and correct manner. To best respond when needed, the Croatian Red Cross has specialist teams for rapid response to disasters. These are specialist teams that are highly trained and equipped to operate independently in the endangered area for a certain period of time, and we also refer to these teams as the Croatian Red Cross intervention teams. Each member of the intervention team of the Zagreb City Red Cross Society is trained in the following areas:

situation assessment and coordination
first aid
search services
raising settlements and organizing accommodation
psychosocial support
water supply and rehabilitation
protection of life on the water